New eBook: Transforming Customer Support with AI

Written by Can Ozdoruk  on   Jul 31, 2019

Welcome to the Relationship Economy. 

Doing business today is a lot different than it was a few years ago.  Customer service is now just as important as price, quality and brand name in determining where people spend their money and build long-term relationships. Customers have quick-rising expectations for personalized, convenient and immediate support on their channels of choice, and swiftly take their business elsewhere if they are not satisfied. 

In our latest eBook, Transforming Customer Service with AI, we explore this new era of doing business, the challenges that companies face and how helpdesk AI can accelerate a customer support organization into a customer relationship powerhouse. You’ll learn: 

  • What customers expect from companies when they have an issue 
  • How AI can impact the customer service function of businesses of all sizes 
  • Best practices to follow when implementing AI within your business 
  • How to create a continuous-learning AI that improves over time

Customer service now has a direct impact on consumer buying habits, either posing a great risk or presenting an incredible opportunity. Customer service can no longer be an after-thought; it must become a core part of the overall customer experience strategy and business focus moving forward. 

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Netomi’s highlighted as a Growth Vendor in Forrester’s New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service Report!

Written by Can Ozdoruk  on   Jul 26, 2019

We’ve been featured in Forrester’s New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service, Q2 2019 report. This latest Forrester AI report is available to check out here

The report focuses on the incredible growth of conversational AI within the enterprise, noting that “conversational AI tools could rewrite the rulebook for customer service, demanding new metrics and service process design.” 

The report found that “thirty-one percent of global telecommunications technology decision-makers who are significantly involved in contact centers cited customer-facing chatbots as a top priority for technology investments.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to telecommunications industry trends.

Contact centers are increasingly turning to AI customer support to deflect tickets from expensive human agents, enable human agents to focus on more complex issues and scale service to new channels, according to Forrester. 

Netomi’s was featured as a Pure Play, Growth-stage technology provider. Pure Play providers “focus almost exclusively on building conversational AI for enterprises. They rely on integrations with existing communication channels that their customers have deployed and, as such, tend to be very vendor-agnostic.” 

“We’re so excited that our technology is being recognized by the trusted and sought-after thought leaders at Forrester. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a sophisticated AI solution that addresses the real customer service issues facing enterprises, including skyrocketing costs as the number of channels, increase while customer demands also quickly rise,” said Puneet Mehta, Founder / CEO, Netomi.  “Never before has customer service had such a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. It now plays a fundamental role in people’s buying decisions.  Our AI can multiply a company’s workforce to enable companies of all sizes to scale the immediate, convenient and personal support to every customer, any time, anywhere.”

Netomi’s AI customer service platform automatically resolves over 50% of a company’s incoming customer service queries on customer support email, chat and messaging, freeing up human agents to focus on more complicated customer issues. Netomi’s AI also boosts agent productivity by acting as the first line of defense, gathering information from customers or business systems, before routing to the right agent. Netomi can be deployed on any channel, in any vertical – from AI in retail, to telecom customer service, to operating a travel chatbot, and so much more. The technology can also recommend replies and actions to human agents to approve, edit or reject. 

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WestJet Reduces Customer Resolution Time, Taking the Guest Experience Up a Notch

Written by Can Ozdoruk  on   Jul 22, 2019

An Automated Customer Service Case Study Featuring AI From Netomi

WestJet is looking at digital as a means to transform and raise the bar for the guest experience, not simply augment it.

A large part of the overall guest experience for an airline takes place long before the wheels lift off and long after the plane door opens at the destination. WestJet sought to leverage automated customer service by using artificial intelligence as a way to:

  • meet rising customer expectations for immediate, accurate and effective resolution
  • easing the burden on their human support agents.

Meet Juliet, A Workforce Multiplier

WestJet’s AI immediately resolves customer queries during pre-booking, booking, and day-of-travel.

Fittingly named after one of the airline’s first aircraft, WestJet launched “Juliet” on Facebook Messenger to assist during pre-booking, booking, day-of-travel and post-trip support.

Juliet is deeply integrated with core business systems so it can provide real-time information on everything from flight status, gate information and booking availability, in addition to questions like traveling with pets, baggage fees and how a bride can carry on her wedding dress (a surprisingly popular query).

We worked closely with WestJet to determine Juliet’s role within the customer experience. We focused Juliet’s expertise to very specific and valuable scenarios based on analysis of the frequent issues highlighted by the Customer Service team. The methodology behind this was to target the highly repeatable use cases that could benefit from a quick, simple, and accurate response. This allowed us to enhance the experience for both our customers and the social care team.

The Results Have Taken Off

Juliet is being measured the same way as human employees: how well is she doing her job, how happy is she making customers (CSAT), how quickly she is responding (first response time and average handle time) and how well is she working with others.

Since launch, Juliet is making an incredible impact on the guest experience. The AI is the first line of defense in 100% of these interactions and determines if it should handle the inquiry or hand it off to a human agent. On average, more than 50% of all inquiries are handled by the AI all while responding to customers in less than 1 second, which feeds incredibly into our on-demand, instant gratification society. During COVID, the AI was able to resolve 87% of all incoming customer questions, making it the best AI chatbot on record.

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Simultaneously, Juliet is offloading work from the social care team, and boosting productivity. Juliet has multiplied WestJet’s workforce, with the company able to manage 5X the number of interactions.  While we see a natural increase in the usage of Juliet from the deflection from call centers, what has been rewarding is to see consumer engagement sky-rocket! As a result, WestJet has seen an increase of 24% in consumer satisfaction.

WestJet’s results show no signs of reaching a cruising altitude. The spike across customer experience and agent efficiency are still very much upward trending.

To read more, check out Facebook’s case study on WestJet’s Netomi-powered AI experience here.