Autonomous Customer Care for Travel & Hospitality.

Netomi’s patented AI automatically resolves 80%+ of your routine customer service tickets

Autonomous Customer Care for Travel & Hospitality.

Delegate highly repeatable, costly tickets to Artificial Intelligence. Boost CSAT, decrease resolution time, improve user experience, and improve your agent productivity.

Netomi’s top travel & hospitality use cases.

  • Manage Bookings

    Our AI can cancel bookings, reschedule flights or issue refunds automatically.

  • Resolve Routine Inquiries

    Respond to routine queries such as flight status or baggage allowance instantly.

  • Always-on Support

    Your customers never have to wait in a queue again, even during the holiday rush.

CX is the new loyalty program

  • Resolve inquiries over chat, social, AND email with our industry-leading NLU.

  • Reduce support costs, boost customer happiness, and drive revenue.

CX is the new loyalty program
  • Launch quickly by leveraging our pre-trained AI and out-of-the-box skills.

  • There’s no agent re-training or new platforms to learn. There’s zero coding required.

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