AI in travel will completely transform the guest experience 


Consumers who are buying travel and interacting with travel and hospitality brands using digital solutions like a travel chatbot expect better and better service. Customer experience is now the key to growth and is tied directly to loyalty and spend. 

Conversational AI represents one of the best ways that hospitality and travel brands can up their customer experience game. It represents a tectonic shift in how customers interact with brands, providing massive opportunities for travel and hospitality to reestablish their customer experience leadership. 

In this eBook, we explore Conversational AI in travel and investigate the business case that makes an investment in and commitment to AI so critical at this juncture. Leaders of customer care and experience at airlines, hotels, cruise lines and OTAs will learn: 

  • An overview of conversational AI and how it differs from traditional chatbots 
  • Why machine learning matters so much for hospitality brands right now
  • How companies like WestJet have transformed its customer service with a virtual customer service agent 
  • Current use cases and the reasons why leading companies are launching AI as part of customer service interactions
  • What the future of Conversational AI for travel and hospitality looks like based on our assessments of newer technologies and ongoing trends in the field

Conversational AI agents are rapidly becoming table stakes for any hospitality brand that hopes to keep up with customer expectations.

If you are not currently leveraging AI to automatically resolve to customer service issues, a virtual customer service agent should be one of the primary strategic items that you address in the next 6-12 months. To learn more about this enormous opportunity, download your copy of Conversational AI: The Key To Four-Star Service, Five-Star Reviews, And Bigger Profits in Travel today! 

You’re in good company