AI for Customer Service: Winning Strategies

Forrester’s Ian Jacobs recently joined’s Founder & CEO, Puneet Mehta, as a featured guest in a webinar where they unveiled how world-class companies can create real-world AI in customer service. No more buzz or hype. It’s all actionable strategies that can be used today to deploy AI that serves both your customers and employees.

Watch this video to learn Forrester’s perspective on how AI can be effective within customer service and recommendations on how you can start achieving efficiency today.’s Puneet Mehta revealed how AI allows you to create unique customer experiences in this video and Ian and Puneet together outline a Customer Service AI Roadmap here.

Puneet and Ian outlined 5 strategies for winning AI customer service:

  • AI Strategy #1 – Automate the right support issues with AI [Watch Here]
  • AI Strategy #2 – Improve agent performance with AI [Watch Here]
  • AI Strategy #3 – Achieve high CSAT with AI [Watch Here]
  • AI Strategy #4 – Measure AI as if it were your employee [Watch Here]
  • AI Strategy #5 – The new approach for customer service [Watch Here]

This was a captivating discussion on the current state of AI in customer service. If you’re thinking about modernizing your customer service operation without disrupting current agent processes, don’t miss these highlights!