Use Netomi’s chat widget to offer 24/7 support

The Netomi chat widget enables companies to offer 24/7 support over chat, automatically deflecting customer queries with an AI-powered chatbot. This is a great option for companies that don’t have a chat platform or don’t want to use the one offered by their agent desk. Go live with a branded chat widget in a jiffy! 

Use Netomi’s chat widget to offer 24/7 support

Give the widget your brand personality

Netomi’s chat widget is fully customizable and allows you to create a chat experience that resonates with your brand. You can easily configure the color of the widget, add your brand logo, bot icon, and a greeting. You can even set up topics that inform end-users of the bot’s capabilities in the form of menu options.

Our widget supports rich chat interactions such as quick replies, buttons, carousels, media support including emojis, file uploads & much more.

Unlock the full potential of your knowledge base

With just one click, connect your knowledge base with the Netomi chat widget to enable your customer service chatbot to surface relevant articles to answer your customers’ questions.

Unlike knowledge base offerings which rely on keywords and often suggest irrelevant articles, our AI understands the intent of a person’s question to only surface the most relevant article recommendations.

Automate information collection for one-touch resolution

Save the valuable time of your agents by automating information collection from end-users using Netomi AI for inquiries that require additional information.

With Netomi’s chat widget, embed custom interactive experiences such as forms, date pickers, and more. The embeddable experiences also enable end-users to do much more within the chatbot- be it be making a hotel reservation or booking a demo meeting.

With the Netomi chat widget, end-users can upload relevant files. Your agents can then access this information easily.


Keep track of customer escalations

Netomi’s chat widget offers the ability for end-users to create a ticket in case they need further assistance. You can configure the widget to allow ticket creation on any agent desk platform.

Not only can Netomi add the transcript to the ticket for conversation history, it can even tag the tickets with contextual information so your support team can pick up these tickets on priority to offer exceptional customer service.

The end-users can also send a copy of the chat transcript to their email address.


The Netomi Chat Widget is powered by a no-code AI platform

AI studio is our no-code platform for the administration, training and configuring of Netomi’s AI. Your business teams can configure how you want the AI to respond, build workflows, customize the widget appearance, look at AI performance and analytics, and much more.