The smartest AI-bot for email takes your support inbox to zero.

The smartest AI-bot for email takes your support inbox to zero.

Automate your support emails with AI

Email is the most popular digital channel for customer support. Until now, the only form of email automated support was unsatisfying and unhelpful auto-replies. Netomi’s patented AI-bot for email provides highly accurate, personalized email resolutions. We leverage best-in-class Natural Language Processing to understand your customers true intent, not just keywords. The result? Fewer costly email tickets for your agents to manage, and happier customers. 

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Give your agents superpowers

Bring together the best of human and machine intelligence. Automate specific use cases and escalate sensitive issues to human agents right away. Turn on Agent Review Mode and let our Al recommend responses to your agents. This boosts productivity while reducing first reply time and average handle time which have a direct impact on customer satisfaction (CSAT) and customer effort score (CES).

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Integrate with every system to fully resolve email tickets

We integrate with your CRM, shipping, ecommerce and other business systems to fully resolve tickets, not simply send links to help center articles. This gives your customers all of the information that they need, eliminating the need for a follow up reply.

Launch quickly on the platforms you’re already using

Complex customer issues are routed to your live agents within their existing workflows. Our email support system includes out-of-the-box integrations with Zendesk, Freshworks, Gladly, and Einstein – the Salesforce Chatbot, along with other popular platforms so you can deploy quickly. Start delighting customers with quick and convenient resolutions without changing anything for your team.

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