Turn your email
support system into
a synchronous

Email Support System: Customer Support Email System Via AI Automation

AI takes your email support system inbox to zero

Email support remains the most popular digital marketing channel for customer support. Factors like open rate, subject line contents, and send times remain extremely important. Extracting the actionable intents from lengthy email messages that often include multiple questions can be extremely challenging. Leverage Netomi’s AI email support system to respond to customers and automatically resolve over 50% of incoming customer service queries instantly.

With Netomi, your customers are not kept waiting. High-volume, expensive support tickets like order status, baggage policies or subscription account changes are resolved by your support teams within seconds.

Launch quickly on the platforms you’re already using

Complex customer issues are routed to your human agents within their existing workflows. Our email support software includes out-of-the-box integrations with Zendesk, Freshworks, Salesforce and other popular platforms so you can deploy quickly. Start delighting customers with quick and convenient resolutions without changing anything for your team.

This is AI for email automation that seamlessly integrates with the platforms your teams are already comfortable using.

AI for email automation that launches quickly on the platforms you’re already using

Agent collaboration, on overdrive

Our email support is designed to work for every company. Delegate specific use cases to our AI, escalate more sensitive issues to human agents right away or bring together the best of human and machine intelligence with our Agent Review Mode.

Let Al recommend responses to your human agents to accept, edit or reject. This boosts agent productivity while also reducing average handle time which has a direct impact on CSAT. Our AI learns from your human agents to be able to confidently resolve more queries on its own over time.

Netomi is an AI for email automation system that promotes agent collaboration, on overdrive