A dynamic duo powering world-class customer service that is truly customer-centric 

Amazing customer service is powered by a thoughtful combination of your agents and AI automation. Netomi AI chatbots can automate 70%-80% of resolutions to all customer inquiries all while uplifting your agent team to work faster and smarter, focusing on the work that requires that uniquely human touch.


Escalate to human agents with ease 

Providing a world-class customer experience has never been easier 

When an agent can better support your customer, our AI chatbot will seamlessly hand over the conversation. Your agents will see the entire interaction and be able to pick up the conversation exactly where it left off. It’s a frictionless experience that ensures the customer experience is always the top priority. 


Gladly Chatbot 2

Nothing changes for your team 

Exceptional customer care deploys within 1-2 weeks

The Netomi AI chatbot seamlessly integrates into your Gladly platform and there’s no agent retraining or retooling. The only thing that changes for your agents, is the elimination of mundane tasks from their queue and the ability to focus exclusively on high-touch work. 



Gladly Netomi

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Our mission at Gladly is to provide a platform that empowers brands to deliver radically personal customer service. By partnering with Netomi, our customers can scale their world-class customer experience with greater efficiency and effectiveness, without losing that personalized touch. Netomi’s AI service helps free up human agents to support complex customer inquiries in a radically personal way.
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– Mike McCarron, VP of Sales