Smarter Conversations Lead to Smarter Outcomes.

  • Deliver immediate outcomes

    AI that easily understands customers responds faster with both conversational and structured steps to achieve outcomes efficiently.

  • Enjoy happier customers

    Powerful natural language understanding enables easier comprehension of customer inquiries, reduces repetition and frustration. Improve satisfaction and drives revenue growth.

  • Enhanced agent productivity

    Agents don’t have to deal with mundane repetitive tasks and can focus on the more complex ones.

Boost Agent Productivity.

Let Netomi handle the repetitive tasks while agents focus on the complex exceptions.

Optimizing the use of the agent’s time, the Netomi co-pilot can gather information from users, collect data from business systems and draft responses for agents to send, so agents spend only the time they need to resolve the inquiry.


  • Comprehensive Conversational AI
  • Rich Messaging
  • Free Text and Form Input
  • Proactive Messaging
  • Menus and Suggestions
  • Integrated Knowledge Search
  • Use as Standalone or with Agent Desks
  • Business Data Integration
  • 100+ Languages
  • Flexible Customization