Innovation Fine-tuned for Enterprise CX.

  • Transparent Operational Control

    Provide complete visibility into the reasoning of the response and exactly what response will be shared with your customer.

  • High Predictability

    Control the tone and personality of your AI by crafting workflows that mimic business processes to remove any unpredictable responses that generative AI can come up with.

  • Contextual & Personalized

    Multiply the power of generative AI by integrating it with your business systems to offer personalized resolutions with Netomi, the world’s most secure AI service platform.

  • Secure

    Built to integrate with the highest data privacy and security controls to keep information and your customers protected.

Generative AI for Sanctioned Responses.

Controls to blend AI with human-in-the-loop for relevant and predictable outcomes.

A powerful combination of Netomi AI and generative technology allows brands to respond to more customer queries
in a brand-safe manner that protects the customer experience.

  • Conversational Responses

    Instantly adapt knowledge sources to a conversational interface

    Engage your customers in natural conversations powered by industry leading NLU enhanced with Generative AI technology. Enable customers to achieve outcomes when the questions are ambiguous as the AI guides the user with relevant suggestions.

  • Brand Safety Controls

    Leverage only approved content sources with all of the right checks in place

    Benefit from Netomi’s response validation model to ensure brand-approved content and re-validate the source of the response. Guard against hallucination answers with accurate, correct, and complete responses to customers.

  • Auto-pilot and Co-pilot

    Let AI start responding to new questions instantly or let humans review generative responses first

    Auto-pilot and Co-pilot modes allow the AI to act as both a full automation agent or a real-time agent assist to draft the response for the agents to confirm or edit.

  • Edit and Optimize

    Easily edit responses, expand training and optimize

    Review generative responses and optimize them to your business policy and brand style. Netomi AI recommends new topics based on conversations and suggests training samples to make it easier to build new topics and improve the AI’s confidence.

Create Winning Customer Experiences at Scale.

High Predictability. Operational Control. Brand-safe Conversations.


  • Apply Generative AI to rapidly accelerate topic identification and reduce time to define focus areas for the AI assistant.
  • Shortlist voice of customer themes from survey data and use this output to produce business relevant topics.


  • Surface topic, entity, and training sample suggestions from the generative AI layer to build topics and train the AI assistant with less effort.
  • Generate flows with a short set of instructions to build user journeys faster with suggestions for the next flow.


  • Combine Generative AI to draft, suggest and refine responses for the human agent to review and edit in real-time to reduce effort with full human-in-the-loop control.
  • Generate meaningful summary of conversation context for transparency and confidence.


  • Integrate Generative AI to rapidly convert knowledge sources into readily usable answers, create a conversational “Search” experience, and build dynamic natural AI conversations to your brand voice.
  • Provide instant answers with controls to review and approve sanctioned responses.


  • Recommend new topics based on conversations and suggest training samples to easily build new topics and improve AI confidence. Ensure full operational control with the human-in-the-loop to optimize the AI on new data.
  • Generate conversation simulations to test and enhance the AI.

The tools that are going to be transformative are going to be these produced, sanctioned, edited AI in which there is absolute reliability around what the engagement is going to be with your customer.

Jeffrey Katzenberg

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