Get Hyper About Customer Support with Hypercare.

Netomi’s HyperCare is a multi-year subscription offering that provides ongoing, flexible access to our team of experts. Add structured ongoing administration, maintenance, and enhancement expertise for your Netomi AI deployments and watch your ROI soar.

  • Expertise, product and domain guidance on your enterprise digital CX and AI strategy

  • Build and identify new use cases and insights to advance your CX-AI Practice

  • Proactive and continuous AI Optimization to increase ROI

  • Manage complexities, reduce technical risk, and champion rapid resolution with access to best practices and design workshops

Go Beyond the Initial Implementation Phase to Grow and Evolve.

  • Supercharge customer satisfaction

    Active monitoring of your customer conversations for suggested AI improvements and further learning.

  • Increase coverage and accuracy

    Continuous and proactive AI optimization to increase ROI.

  • Envision the complete view for the full picture

    Access to insights and best practices across channels align with training sessions and certifications to stay well-informed and always a step ahead.

Hypercare Addresses Your AI Needs.

Implement, HyperCare, Sustain and Grow.

  • Technical Support

    Address how-to-question and resolve technical issues with self-service and trained resources.

  • Hypercare

    Maintain and enhance environment, including configurations, customizations, performance, upgrades and migrations. On- demand access to an unparalleled level of technical skills.

  • Education

    Leverage end-user training, train the trainer programs, and certification on all products in public or private personalized sessions.

  • CSM

    Drive value and outcomes, user adoption, optimal performance, business use-cases and adopt best practices.