Rajkumar from DBSBank speaks at Support Superheroes


Rajkumar Udayakumar leads the centralized servicing center for DBS Digibank as the Senior Vice President & Head – Customer Service & Contact Center Operations, managing the omnichannel experience – from inbound calls, social media, chatbot, customer data science & product improvement to deliver a proactive and predictive servicing model.


Raj has 18+ years of experience in contact centre management, customer service, technology & product transformations for brands like DBS Bank(Banking), Airtel (Telecom), Club Mahindra (Hospitality), Netzero(ISP) & Lexmark Printers (technical support).

Rajkumar believes in the maxim that the “Best Customer Service is When You Don’t Need Customer Service”  and he applied this to his work at DBS to proactively eliminate customer service issues by learning from customer support conversations which led to service volumes being absolutely flat despite a 5X growth in customers.

Join Rajkumar and Netomi on May 19th, 2021 at 10 am PT to learn how you can bank on superior customer service in the digital-first world.



Honest conversations covering:

  • Customer service as a differentiator in the BFSI space
  • Scaling business with a lean customer service team
  • How customer support inputs help in building better products
  • Common use-cases for automation
  • Emerging trends in the BFSI customer service space

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