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Fintech Customer Experience – eBook

Fintech companies are only getting half of the Customer Experience right. While fintechs tend to excel at the core competency of onboarding customers and helping them use the app or service, they often fail to incorporate modern AI-powered support systems into their technology stacks to provide immediate resolutions to customer issues.

customer service benchmark gaming

Customer Service Benchmark Report – Gaming

Our Customer Service Benchmark Report revealed that gaming companies need to re-prioritize email as a support channel in order to effectively compete on customer service. Expectations for immediate, relevant and convenient support are not being met.

Streaming Video Customer Experience – eBook

There are hundreds of streaming video companies competing for customer attention and wallet share. To win in this environment, Customer Experience can be a decisive differentiator that builds loyalty, increases sign-ups, and reduces churn.

Customer Service Benchmark Report – eCommerce

This edition of our groundbreaking report series analyzes the availability, responsiveness, quality and effectiveness of email support from the world’s largest 2,000 eCommerce companies.