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Congratulations on taking the first step to delight your customers with an AI-powered CX strategy. Now, you have the ROI calculations to justify this investment in building a superior customer service experience and future-proof your business with Netomi’s omnichannel AI platform.

Based on the data you selected in our ROI tool, we crunched the numbers, and here is the quantifiable financial as well as operational impact that Netomi AI can have on your support organization.

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Annual savings in USD year-over-year growth

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Resolution rate and other estimates are based on Netomi's data and may vary for each company based on ticket complexity and agent costs.

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Netomi AI makes your customers happy.

Customer service is undergoing an evolution that is drastically changing the way companies interact with customers. There have been four big waves in customer service which have all focused on decreasing resolution times. In the first wave, we saw email emerge as a channel, opening the door for asynchronous support. This was followed by the emergence of centralized agent desks and outsourced call centers to provide 24/7 support. The third wave was the emergence of chat as an instantaneous channel, and basic chatbots to help scale efforts. We’re now in the fourth wave, which is characterized by being available over any channel and meeting customer expectations for immediate, convenient support with AI.

Netomi’s AI platform is powering this fourth wave, helping companies respond instantly to highly repetitive questions and freeing up human agents to focus on complex needs. Netomi has the most accurate and “respectful” AI for customer support, with the highest published automation rate: solving 87% of customer service tickets while increasing customer happiness by over 30%. At a time when the customer experience is driving loyalty and directly influencing where customers spend their money, companies must meet customer expectations.

The volume of messages handled by our virtual agent increased 45-fold as a result of the pandemic. Capable of answering hundreds of the most-frequently asked questions, our chatbot deflected tens of thousands of calls from its human agents.

  • Chief Digital and Innovation Officer

Still not convinced?

Before you commit any effort or investment, find out which use cases Netomi can automate for you with high accuracy and how much of the total ticket volume can be automated with our proprietary, AI-based Historical Ticket Analysis. We’ll analyze your historical tickets, for free, so you have transparency into the real value of Netomi for your company.

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We had hard integration requirements and the whole team has been nothing but stellar in supporting us with a solutions-oriented mindset. I can imagine that some of our requests were not easy, but the team has handled them with grace. Netomi’s support has been world-class!

  • Director, Customer Experience

How can you achieve this ROI with Netomi?

Netomi has the most accurate AI for customer support, with the highest published automation rate: resolving 87% of customer service tickets while increasing customer happiness by over 30%. The company’s omnichannel AI scales across email, chat, social and voice and works alongside human agents to automate mundane work, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex tasks. As a result, we decrease resolution time while increasing customer happiness.

The Netomi advantage

  • Industry’s leading NLU for full resolution, not just deflection

  • Omnichannel: Email, Chat, Messaging and Voice

  • Extremely easy to setup with Visual Response Builder

  • Multilingual: 100+ Languages supported

  • Integrations with leading agent desks & backend systems

  • Superior Analytics: Track performance with AI Studio

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