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Earn long-term engagement and loyalty with automated in-game support

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Media AI Customer Service Solutions: Chat, Email, Social, Voice Support

Level-up gamer loyalty with effortless resolutions

Customer self-service that keeps your fans playing more

Keep distractions to a minimum and get players back in the game quicker. With our gaming chatbot, your fans will play more, and wait on support less. From troubleshooting and streaming issues, to unlocking features and account assistance, resolve over 70% gamers’ top issues in-the-moment, when and where your gamers need you the most.

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Unlock the power of AI for the ultimate prize

Effortless support increases gamer happiness and engagement

Your customers are used to searching for help themselves. Help gamers recoup time spent seeking answers on social, peer-to-peer networks or comment boards by giving immediate answers within the game itself. It’s a new type of self-service, that’s more effortless than ever.

Our AI accurately understands what your customers are saying and provides a full resolution within seconds. This enables your human agents to focus exclusively on more complex issues, keeping resolution time down and CSAT up across the board.

Take CX to the next level

Compete on customer service and build long-term gamer relationships

Netomi’s AI platform is pre-trained with the top gaming skills so you can launch quickly. Train from historic email, chat and messaging data to cover game-specific issues.

Your agents’ ultimate teammate

We integrate into all of the leading agent desk platforms including Zendesk, Freshworks, Zoho, Glady, and Einstein – the Salesforce Chatbot. Nothing changes for your agents, expect eliminating mundane tasks. Our chatbots curate data from back-end systems to empower agents to better personalize support and drive revenue through precision cross-selling.

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