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Media AI Customer Service Solutions: Chat, Email, Social, Voice Support

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The media and entertainment (M&E) landscape is changing drastically. The relationship between traditional M&E companies and consumers is now direct. Companies are racing to maintain subscribers and grow their base. With rising competition in every corner of the ecosystem, rockstar customer service is more important than ever to retain customers and grow market share. Rising expectations for service require a more effective strategy to compete. As a result, M&E companies are increasingly turning to AI customer service solutions to get ahead.

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91% of companies with world-leading brand recognition and high levels of customer satisfaction use AI solutions to increase customer satisfaction
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– MIT Technology Review
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81% of organizations expect to compete mainly based on CX
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– Gartner

Support that spurs long-term loyalty and profits

In media and entertainment, everything is on-demand. Customers want to engage with your content on their terms and channel of choice. They also expect convenient, instant and effortless resolutions to their issues. Anytime, anywhere.

When you bring AI into your customer service workforce, you can scale the on-demand service that your customers expect. The majority of customer service issues are easily addressable via Conversational AI. Respond without any human intervention to over 50% of customer questions ranging from billing issues to subscription modifications. Provide personal, immediate support to grow customer loyalty and build long-term, profitable relationships.

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