Our Story.

From our provenance in 2015 as msg.ai, we evolved into who we are today: Netomi. A combination of three words – Net, Om and I – our name is truly representative of our existence.

We empower brands to leverage the “Net” (sum) of our AI, along with their human capital, to connect with what is fundamental to them (“Om, the primordial sound”) to ultimately bring out their best self (“I”) for their customers.

Our Purpose.

The market leader in AI-first customer experience, Netomi enables companies to build deep engagement in this new era with conversations that are emotional, empathetic, intuitive, and on brand.

Puneet Mehta

Founder & CEO

We’re giving time back to consumers that they previously spent waiting for a resolution, time back to employees, eliminating repetitive and monotonous tasks. Now, these employees can spend their time on much higher value work. From this time, it grows brand love from both customers and employees, unlike anything we have ever seen before.”

How We Do This.

  • Netomi’s conversational AI solutions automatically resolve 80% of routine customer service inquiries, decrease resolution time, increase customer satisfaction and support quality to reduce costs.
  • Our patented, no-code platform works across channels - messaging, chat, email and voice, comprehending 100+ languages.

The Netomi Difference for Brands.

Customer service is fraught with long wait times and inefficiency. This results in frustrations for customers, stress on support agent teams, and high costs for companies. We right these frustrations.

Our Customers