Supercharged CX that empowers customers and agents alike.

  • Auto-Pilot

    Automatically resolve customer, and employee requests on every communication channel.

  • Co-Pilot

    Assist agents in real-time with longer and/or more complex customer requests.

  • Customer and Operational Insights

    Copilot context

    Analyze customer communication and feedback from any source for actionable insights.

  • Conversational Interfaces

    Provide employees with conversational access to all your knowledge bases, to enable them to find the right answers faster and resolve customer inquiries with ease and efficiency.

Rapid Resolution Across Your Customers’ Favorite Channels.

Deploy powerful omnichannel AI with minimal effort.

  • Chat

    Integrated right on your website, for mobile devices or native mobile app and available 24/7

    Guide customers to achieve outcomes in a personalized and interactive journey using rich conversation elements such as dynamic menus and carousels offered in 100+ languages.

  • Email

    Resolve tickets automatically or give your agents an added assist within your agent desk of choice.

    Customers no longer have to wait for weeks, days, or even hours to get an email reply. With Netomi’s AI Email Automation, they can get personalized resolutions in a matter of seconds.

  • Messaging

    Deploy AI in SMS and other messaging tools and platforms that your customers use every day.

    Netomi’s conversational messaging is available on the customer’s channel of choice with a best-in-class and accurate natural language engine. Achieve fewer steps to outcomes and happier customers.

  • Social

    Interact with your customers’ social apps and channels, from Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, and more.

    Leverage the power of AI to engage, respond and resolve inquiries on the social channels your customers are already on.

  • Voice

    Decrease cost per call and save agent time through intelligent AI built for voice.

    Deep-learning algorithm enriched with voice specific features such as barge-in, intent narrowing, repetition and delay handling. Multimodal capabilities enable more effective journeys with superior outcomes.

  • Search

    Deploy AI to improve the search experience for agents, customers, or both.

    With the power of Generative AI, generate conversational responses from multiple sources that carry context forward throughout the interaction.

Sophisticated Integration Across Your Tech Stack for Full Resolution.

Built for full security, scalability and brand-safety right from the start.

Communication Channels.

  • Integrate Generative AI within your existing communication channels and platforms of choice to reach customers more efficiently and effectively.
  • Twilio, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, email, chat, voice, search, and more.

CX Platforms.

  • Train across all your existing knowledge sources and materials to create a robust brand-aware AI system built for your business.

Contact Center Software.

  • Work seamlessly with your existing contact center software. Log all issues and resolutions, facilitate handoffs to live agents, and assist agents in real time with co-pilot capabilities.
  • Full integration with Zendesk, Genesys, Gladly, Sprinklr, Salesforce, LivePerson, Freshworks, homegrown solutions, and more.

Business Systems.

  • Seamless access and execution across business systems, from policies, to CRM and ERP, to commerce applications, knowledge bases, and all systems of record via API.

The tools that are going to be transformative are going to be these produced, sanctioned, edited AI in which there is absolute reliability around what the engagement is going to be with your customer.

Jeffrey Katzenberg

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