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Leading Global Brands Are Raising the Bar for Customer Experience with Netomi.

  • 5 0 X

    Boost in support team capacity

  • 90 0 %

    Resolution rate

  • 50 0 %

    Reduction in support costs

Raising the CX Bar with Industry Leading Enterprise Ready AI.

  • Sanctioned Generative AI
  • Proactive and automated customer care
  • Empowered customers and agents
  • Seamless integration within your CX stack
  • Easy configuration and management

Leverage Sanctioned Generative AI as the powerful combination of Netomi’s generative tech and LLMs, allowing brands to respond to more customer queries while preserving brand safety and security.

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AI Customer Service by Netomi | Conversational AI

Netomi AI lets you quickly respond to customer needs, extracting intent and sentiment within seconds. Automatically resolve 80+% of customer service inquiries, decrease resolution time, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce support costs.

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Choose from auto-pilot, co-pilot, customer insights, or all of the above. Leverage Netomi to provide automatic resolution across every channel, assist employees with complex customer requests, and analyze customer communication and feedback from any source for actionable insights.

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Netomi integrates seamlessly with your existing agent desk, CRM, and business systems, enabling you to quickly and easily deploy the AI without changing your tech stack. We work across email, messaging, web chat, in-app chat, SMS, search and voice and can seamlessly integrate with your chosen agent desk service.

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Built for business users, Netomi allows you to integrate with backend systems, build workflows, and train on existing knowledge bases within one simple interface.

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Meet Customers Where They Are. On Every Channel.

Deploy powerful technology with minimal effort. No engineering resources required.

  • E-mail
  • Chat
  • Messaging
  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Search
  • Social

Anne wants to open a new bank account

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Jen wants to purchase concert tickets

AI customer support integrated with messenger platforms Start Today

Sally wants to make a change to her order delivery date

AI Customer Support integrated with messenger platforms Start Today

Anne wants to make a dinner reservation

AI Customer Support integrated with voice functionality Start Today

Chris wants to check-in early to his hotel

AI Customer Support integrated with SMS and text messages Start Today

Marie wants to know what restaurants are open late

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Julie wants to find a restaurant near her

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Join the World’s Largest and Most Trusted Brands to Elevate Mission Critical CX Processes.

  • Real-time omnichannel intelligence

    Provide conversations everywhere over a single AI interface across all your customer contact channels from email, chat, messaging, SMS, social, search and voice.

  • Goal-driven and Sanctioned Generative AI

    Our AI customer service system is trained with your unique customer intents, historical context and current sentiment for higher CSAT. Utilize the latest in Conversational AI intent narrowing and automated topic suggestions.

  • AI-federated knowledge access in both auto-pilot and co-pilot

    Auto-pilot and Co-pilot modes allow the AI to act as either a full automatic agent or an agent sidekick that drafts a response for agents to confirm or provide better suggestions.

  • Security-first architecture for data privacy and security

    Rest at ease knowing our system has passed the most stringent security certifications. Netomi is SOC2, GDPR, HIPPA PDPA and CCPA Compliant, has ISO 27001 Certification, and has PII and Systems Protections.

  • Proactive, predictive and preemptive care

    Foster engagement to drive revenue, anticipate customer questions and implement proactive care to address issues before they even occur. Detect and learn subtle emotional and sentimental language variations.

  • Integration with business systems for end-to-end resolution

    Integrate with all customer communications software and with backend business systems for fully contextualized and tailored customer journeys.

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Paul Liberman

President, CTO, Co-Founder

With Netomi’s ‘Sanctioned AI’ platform, DraftKings was able to effectively deploy a Virtual Assistant that could handle the massive spikes in volume during the Super Bowl while staying within brand and regulatory guardrails.

As a customer first organization we are happy that Netomi has provided a real-world GenAI solution that allows us to offer our customers the best experience with our brand.

Netomi Is Your Holistic AI Partner in Transforming Your Business.

Recognized as the Leader of Conversational AI Platforms.

  • G2 High Performer Aware Winter 2023 | Conversational AI for Customer Service
  • G2 Leader Award Fall 2022 | Conversational AI for Customer Service
  • G2 Leader Award Fall 2022 | Conversational AI for Customer Service
  • G2 High Performer Award Spring 2022 | Conversational AI for Customer Service
  • G2 High Performer Award Summer 2022 | Conversational AI for Customer Service

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