Create delightful customer experiences.

Transform customer service for both your agents and your customers with Netomi’s Relationship Operating System. Our AI chatbots automatically resolve over 80% of your routine queries, letting your agents focus on what requires the uniquely human touch.

Create delightful customer experiences.
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Enjoy incredible results with AI.

Customer Happiness

What do you get by effortlessly resolving your customers issues on every channel? Long-term loyalty, profitable relationships and customer satisfaction increases of 24%.

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Enjoy incredible results with AI.

Full Resolution

We don’t deflect tickets. We personally resolve up to 90% of your customer service tickets in seconds.

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Lightning Fast Scale

Seamlessly manage unlimited and unanticipated spikes in ticket volume. Our AI has no limits, and can simultaneously resolve an infinite number of tickets.

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Raise the bar in customer
service automation.

The best performing customer service AI

The best AI chatbots see beyond phrasing and keywords to understand the underlying intent of what your customers are saying – no matter how they ask. Just like a human, we tailor the conversation to the individual customer and their current context and sentiment. The result is meaningful, natural dialogue that actually resolve issues.

Raise the bar in customer 
service automation.

Deliver exceptional support, on any channel

Deliver exceptional support, on any channel Scale out AI chatbots across email, chat and messaging. No matter where your customers are, you can provide effortless and meaningful resolutions. Sit back and watch customer satisfaction soar.

It’s incredibly easy to get started

You’ll see immediate time to value. Our automation tools make launching a highly accurate and engaging AI agent simple. We’ll train your AI customer service chatbot from historical data boosting the AI’s ability to manage more tickets from the beginning. Tailor responses to each situation using our easy-to-use visual builder. And let our experienced customer success team guide you along the way.

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