Improve CX, Boost Operational Efficiency, Drive Revenue.

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    The world’s only event-driven ConversationOSTM

    While most solutions focus on discrete intents, Netomi’s ConversationOSTM automatically combines guided workflows with free-form questioning stitched together in real-time to gather context, narrow intent, and direct users to the next best action.

  • AI Federated Knowledge Access

    Netomi’s AI analyzes and consolidates information across your approved internal and external knowledge sources to pick up on nuances, decipher lingos, detect entities and pinpoint your user’s intent to provide full resolution.

  • AI Federated Request Execution

    Through sophisticated orchestration of back end business systems, Netomi’s AI achieves full resolution, even for complex and transactional requests. All with brand-approved terminology and tone.


Enable AI automation with ease.

Pinpoint repeatable scenarios

Our AI-powered discovery engine uses supervised and unsupervised learning to analyze historical support data and suggests the highest impact areas for automation.


Proactively engage users.

Address questions before customers ask them

Enable proactive and highly personalized messaging to engage users with bespoke experiences. Leverage user context, history, location data, and more to supercharge customer support and sales experiences with what they need, when they need it.


Integrate across systems.

Get the full picture to enrich response decision making

Our context engine uses existing data to create contextualized responses. Enrich decision making with individual customer data like loyalty and history, time of day and day of the week, current location, social influence and other policies unique to your enterprise and connected to your CRM and business systems.


Optimize effortlessly.

Monitor AI performance and optimize in real-time

Netomi offers a comprehensive analytics suite to provide real-time data on AI performance and conversation content. Our built-in Optimize module also makes ongoing optimization a breeze, proactively finding areas of opportunity, suggesting new topics for automation and improving training data.


Connect the customer journey across channels.

Enable a seamless experience from start to finish

Netomi’s AI is omnichannel and multimodal, allowing you to reach customers on every step of their journey. Seamlessly hand off and navigate across your backend systems and channels to provide a fully-connected customer experience.

Field Proven at Scale with Best in CX Results.

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    Tickets resolved on Day 1

  • 50 0 %

    Reduction in support costs

  • 70 0 %

    Increase in CSAT


  • Fully Autonomous AI Support
  • Real-time AI Agent Assist Capabilities
  • Sanctioned Generative AI
  • Enterprise Grade Security You Can Trust
  • Support in 100+ Languages
  • AI-driven Knowledge Base Article Summarization and Recommendations
  • AI-powered Insights and Responses
  • Performance Analytics Dashboard
  • Native Integration with Your Agent Desk
  • Fully Customizable AI Chat Interface
  • No-code Workflow Builder for Quick Control and Customization
  • End-to-end Integration with Business Systems