The world’s most accurate omnichannel AI chatbot platform.

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The world’s most accurate omnichannel AI chatbot platform.

The Netomi advantage.

Don’t just deflect inquiries, resolve them

Netomi resolves up to 90% of your customer queries that come in via email, chat, messaging apps, voice and SMS. Netomi AI understands the customer’s intent and can fully resolve her query in autopilot mode leveraging your backend systems. You can rely on Netomi AI to provide immediate, accurate & respectful resolutions over any channel your customers prefer, freeing up your agents to focus on higher-value tasks.

The Netomi advantage.

True NLU support for 100+ languages

With true Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and ongoing learning, automate resolutions to repetitive queries. Trained over hundreds of millions of queries in 100+ languages, Netomi’s industry-leading conversational AI understands conversational and industry-specific topics with high precision. We pick up on nuances, decipher lingos, detect entities and pinpoint your customer’s intent to provide a full resolution.

Resolve Your Customer Queries

Give your agents superpowers.

Native integration with your agent desk

We integrate with multiple platforms and all major agent desks such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshworks, Gladly, Zoho, and others which allow your customer support, sales team, or other agents to continue to work as they normally do with an AI agent working alongside them. There’s no re-training or retooling required.

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Give your agents superpowers.

Use Netomi’s chat widget to offer instant support

Netomi’s chat widget provides an option for customers who don’t have a chat platform or don’t want to use the one offered by their agent desk to offer support over chat.

With Netomi Chat, you can completely customize the customer experience, embed customer forms to collect data, accept uploaded files, create tickets on any agent desk platform when escalation is required & send a copy of the chat transcript to your customers’ email.

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Provide accurate resolutions with back-end integrations

Integrations into your other back-end systems such as CRM, Order Management Systems, Ticketing Systems, Delivery Management Systems or any home-grown systems allow us to personalize and contextualize the response to your customers.

Stay on top of performance with Analytics

Netomi’s intuitive analytics dashboard displays real-time performance data on key customer service metrics like AI resolution rate, in-depth topic analysis, engagement metrics and much more. You can also track how well the AI is performing, and how this is changing over time. Uncover optimization opportunities to improve the accuracy of AI and identify new categories of queries that can be automated.

Optimize performance with AI-prioritized suggestions

AI performance is the cornerstone of your automated customer service program. Netomi’s AI applies advanced machine learning to guide customer service managers to identify the most impactful improvement areas quickly. Within Netomi’s AI Studio,  map additional queries to existing topics, find new ones to widen your AI’s knowledge, and uncover & resolve sources of low confidence. With the click of a button, you can take your AI performance a notch up.

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Don’t wait months for the magic.

Predictable outcomes with Historical Ticket Analysis

Our proprietary, AI-based Historical Ticket Analysis (HTA) tool automatically analyzes your past tickets and determines the common questions your customers ask, identifying the specific topics to delegate to an AI agent. We use your data to train the AI and set you up for success from day 1. No need to spend days interviewing your agents to come up with use-cases manually or wait weeks to see results with an AI in ‘Listening’ mode. Before you commit any effort or investment, find out which use cases Netomi can automate for you with high accuracy and how much of the total ticket volume can be automated. No risk, right?

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Don’t wait months for the magic.

Easily build your own support workflows

Take control of your support experiences with an intuitive ‘drag & drop’ Visual Response Builder to create and manage workflows. No coding required.

Support teams can configure custom responses: ask a question, use conditional branching which supports complex logical operations to trigger unique flows, invoke APIs, escalate chats to a live agent and tag tickets to facilitate routing and categorization. You can even clone workflows easily for different languages and never have to build them from scratch. Build journeys efficiently with the ability to switch topics, create a loop and restart points in the workflow.

AI-driven KB article recommendations

You can integrate with your knowledge base in just one click & our AI can surface relevant articles to answer your customers’ questions in just a few hours. Unlike KB offerings which rely on keywords and often suggest irrelevant articles, our customer service chatbots understand the intent of a person’s question to surface the most relevant article recommendations only. There is continuous learning baked in and the AI learns from customer interactions with each recommendation.