Raise Your Resolution, Satisfaction, and Revenue.

  • Don’t just deflect – resolve inquiries

    Resolve up to 90% of customer queries via email, chat, messaging apps, voice and SMS.

    Understand customer intent and fully resolve queries in autopilot mode with connections to backend systems.

  • True NLU support for 100+ languages

    Trained via hundreds of millions of queries in 100+ languages.

    Pick up on nuances, decipher lingos, detect entities and pinpoint your customer’s intent to provide a full resolution.

  • Most trusted tech stack

    Proactively reach out to understand exactly what your customers need, every time, even before they need it.

    Monitor performance and optimize your AI to enrich response decision making and time.


Discovery Engine.

Pinpoint repeatable scenarios

Our Discovery Engine uses unsupervised learning to sift through and cluster your historic tickets pinpointing repeatable scenarios based on semantic affinity that are easily automated.


Intent Recognition.

Know what your customers need. Every time

Our global entity knowledge graph consists of millions of data points and we create a localized graph related to your products and services. Our deep neural network expertly digests every message your customer sends to understand exactly what they need, every time.


Contextual Conversations.

Get the full picture to enrich response decision making

Our context engine enriches the response decision making based on individual customer data like loyalty and history, time of day and day of the week, current location, social influence and other policies unique to your enterprise and connected to your CRM and business systems.


Effortless Optimization.

Analytics and optics to make it even better

We offer full transparency into how an AI is performing and how it can be improved. Our Observation Module monitors every exchange and optimizes performance with deep reinforcement learning based on feedback from customers and our partners.


Proactive Care.

Know it before they need it

We enable you to proactively reach out to a customer before they even know they need something. Propelled by triggers in a product, lifecycle, live chat or other digital footprint, you’re able to provide the exact information, tip or repurchase ability when it matters most.

Best in CX Results.

  • 40 0 %

    Tickets resolved on Day 1

  • 50 0 %

    Reduction in support costs

  • 70 0 %

    Increase in CSAT


  • Enterprise Grade Security You Can Trust
  • AI-prioritized Suggestions
  • Performance Analytics Dashboard
  • Native Integration with Your Agent Desk
  • Chat AI Interface to Offer Instant Support
  • Personalized Resolutions with Back-end Integrations
  • Workflow Builder for Quick Control and Customization
  • Predictable Outcomes with Historical Ticket Analysis
  • AI-driven Knowledge Base Article Summarization and Recommendations