Technology Partners.

Netomi’s platform natively integrates with other customer service platforms including those from Zendesk, Freshdesk and Gladly, to better personalize and contextualize responses to your customers, and capture the full context.

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Consulting Partners.

Great minds think alike. For companies that offer services in digital and workforce transformation, agent desk implementation and systems integration, let’s chat about how seamlessly our AI can integrate with your existing systems and work alongside human agents as the ultimate high-performing team.

Referral Partners.

For consultants that advise companies on technology adoption, trends and innovation roadmaps, let’s chat about the opportunity that customer service AI has to offer along with the payoffs in operational costs and impact on customer behavior and spend.

Why Partner with Us.

  • Add value

    to your customers and support agent teams by empowering them with an AI technology that boosts their experience along with operational efficiency

  • Become a technology leader

    by partnering with the leading AI-first customer experience platform and demonstrate your strength in the market

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