Customer service does not exist in a silo

To effectively resolve your customers issues, and not simply respond, an AI-powered Virtual Agent needs to seamlessly integrate with your business systems. Real-time integrations provide real value.

Our customer service AI includes out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular human agent desks, enterprise systems and user engagement platforms. Launch a sophisticated, empowered virtual agent with Netomi and quickly scale transformative customer service.

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Escalation made easy

Our human agent desk integrations with Zendesk, Freshworks, Salesforce, Zoho, and others enable frictionless human escalation to ensure your customers always have the best experience.

Nothing changes for your team, except removing mundane, everyday tickets from their sphere of responsibility. Our AI works alongside your human agents to resolve issues, and when a situation requires human intervention, a ticket is opened and routed to the right agent. The Netomi platform can also recommend responses to your human agents to supercharge agent productivity.

Empower your AI to close tickets

The Netomi customer service platform empowers your virtual agent to act on signals from systems of record – like Order Management Systems, CRM platforms and others – to decide the next best action for an individual customer. We don’t believe in generic responses that don’t give your customers real answers. We believe in personalized resolutions. Our customer service integrations empower your virtual agent to get the job done.

Our integration architecture allows you to utilize data from your business systems in combination with unique information gleaned from the 1:1 conversations you have with your customers to provide a hyper-relevant experience across all of your future customer engagement activity.

Resolutions on the channels that matter

With Netomi, you can launch a single customer service AI across the increasing number of channels that your customers expect. Tailor your responses to each channel for a best-in-class experience, whether your customer is sending an email, typing a chat or speaking to a voice assistant.

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