We’re Netomi.

The future of customer relationships is here. It’s AI-first. It’s hyper-personalized. It’s every channel. It’s all-the-time.

We’re Netomi.

We’re righting the wrongs
of customer support.

Customer service today is failing everyone. It’s inconvenient for customers, expensive for companies and frustrating for everyone.

While companies might want to hire more agents to fix the problem, this has become both impractical and expensive. There are fewer agents today than ever before. Turnover rate is staggering and it costs companies millions of dollars to hire, onboard and train new agents. Overseas BPOs are more expensive than ever, if they have reopened since the pandemic.

That’s why Netomi is here. Our Relationship Operating System improves customer support for both customers and agents. We enable companies to be where their customers are, instantly resolve problems and anticipate issues before they even exist. We let human agents focus on the higher-level work that requires a uniquely human touch and remove mundane tasks from their queue.

Netomi is the interface for the next generation of customer and company relationships; relationships built on trust and convenience.

We’re righting the wrongs 
of customer support.

Join Us.

Customers switching companies due to poor customer experience cost companies $1.6 trillion per year. We’re fixing this.

Emily Cummins

Public Relations

If I were to describe working at Netomi in one word, it would be passion. Every single person has a passion for the work that they are doing. I think this boils down to the company creating a really innovative technology that is making a real impact on businesses and their customers. Whether you’re in engineering, business development, marketing or customer success, your work is recognized and appreciated.

Nishant Pandey

Lead, Data Science

Being a part of Netomi, you get a front-row seat to the “AI revolution”. Netomi’s culture of collaboration and open communication fosters has made it possible for us to build a highly advanced platform that provides real business value to our customers.

Dylan Max

Head of Growth Marketing

Smiles are pretty contagious here at Netomi. I think that’s a big reason why we’ve had so much success in such a competitive space. You can see that everyone contributes something special to our overall goal and it’s inspiring to be a part of a team this inclusive and competent. In a nutshell, Netomi is a place where personal and professional growth flourish.