A Powerful Chatbot Integration for an Even More Powerful CX.

Netomi works natively within the Zendesk Chat window and agent console making AI-powered customer support readily accessible at your fingertips.

What Happens When We Work Together.

  • Combine the best of machine learning and human intelligence

    The Netomi Virtual Agent can answer most customer questions immediately without any human intervention, routing sensitive, critical or high-risk issues to your human support agents. The Virtual Agent solves problems before they even cross your desk, fully resolving issues without needing a human in the loop.

  • Launch quickly with a streamlined process

    Our dedicated customer success team partners with you throughout the entire journey. There is zero coding required, no agent re-training or new platforms to learn. Our Zendesk chatbot integration is built with resolution in mind for both sides, giving customers accurate and timely solutions without adding to the task burden of your human agents. With the best Zendesk chatbot integration at your fingertips, your agents can be faster, more productive, and retain higher satisfaction than ever before.

Our Partners’ Results Speak Netomi.

Greg Dreyfus

Platform Architects Team Manager

You want a seamless Zendesk chatbot experience? That’s Netomi. Their bespoke AI takes your automation rate to a level that’s a cut above other providers. This is their core. This is what they do and they are very good at it. That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend Netomi as our premier partner.

Integration Benefits.

Experience the power of seamless customer support for yourself. With Netomi’s Zendesk chatbot integration, you’re not only investing in immediate, automated responses but also in long-term customer satisfaction. Our platform is designed to work in harmony with your human agents, ensuring that your customers always get the accurate and timely solutions they deserve. Ready to transform your customer service experience?