Retailers are turning to helpdesk AI to provide the support modern customers expect. People anticipate getting a quick, personalized resolution on their channel of choice. 24/7 retail customer service and support is no longer a perk, it’s an expectation.

Retailers often struggle to keep up with the rising tide of increasing ticket volumes when it’s more critical than ever to stay afloat. According to Zendesk, 97% of U.S. consumers say bad customer service changes their buying habits.

As the business of doing retail becomes more challenging, retailers are turning to Artificial Intelligence to improve everything from operations and inventory management to the customer experience. AI adoption is ramping up quickly: estimates for global retail spend on AI top $7.3 billion per year by 2022 according to Juniper Research.

Retailers are deploying AI to solve large-scale business problems, including their top customer service challenges.

In this eBook, we’ll explore:

  • The widespread adoption of AI by retailers
  • The top customer service challenges in retail
  • How bringing AI into the workforce addresses these challenges
  • What’s next for AI in retail
  • Five easy ways to kickstart your Retail AI strategy

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Address retailers biggest customer service challenges with AI. Learn more in our eBook today.