Online game companies are facing greater competition from other game companies and from streaming media companies, both of which seek the attention of users. An excellent Customer Experience and stellar Customer Support has become table stakes to attracting and keeping customers. The online game industry, however, faces the greatest customer service challenge for any industry in the world. In no other sector would a company face, quite literally, the rage of hundreds of thousands of angry customers, simultaneously, magnified in the echo chamber of social media platforms.

Gamers expect responsive and knowledgeable support and quick resolutions to questions and problems. Gamers also expect a Customer Experience that makes it easy for them to upgrade from free to paid tiers, get help and tips, and buy virtual game gear with only a few clicks.

Today, in an industry plagued by high churn rates, providing a world-class CX is essential to retaining customers. A recent survey found that respondents frequently cited having poor customer service experiences as a key driver in decisions to abandon their subscription. Add to this the reality that signing up for a new trial subscription elsewhere often takes less than a minute, and barriers to churn have never been lower.

The good news is that artificial intelligence (AI) technology can now significantly help gaming companies reduce churn and delight customers. Based on Deep Learning and modern AI that is continuously learning and improving the way it responds to customer feedback and requests, newer AI systems can eliminate the majority of repetitive work for support agents, address many somewhat sophisticated queries, and allow human support agents to only focus on the most complex case for faster resolution of the thorniest problems faced by noisy and VIP customers.

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