Welcome to the relationship economy.  Today, the customer service you provide is just as important as price, quality and brand name. Customer service is no longer a resolution center, but a business driver.

Companies are embarking on initiatives to digitally transform their customer service and meet consumers quick-rising demands for effortless, convenient and immediate support. Customer-centric companies are no longer the exception; putting the customer first is the only way to compete in our hyper-competitive, on-demand modern society.

Without adopting AI as part of the workforce, it’s difficult for companies to scale high-quality customer experiences that consumers now expect.  AI can resolve over 50% of a company’s incoming customer service tickets immediately across email, chat and messaging, while boosting agent productivity.

In this eBook, we explain how AI can be the catalyst to accelerate a digital support organization to a customer relationship powerhouse. You’ll learn:

  • How to scale customer and agent happiness with AI
  • The real benefits of adopting AI to transform digital customer support
  • How customers perceive the customer support
  • What to keep in mind when adopting AI to make a measurable impact on CSAT and ESAT
  • How to train an AI to ensure a business sees an immediate impact and increased ROI