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About Ebanx.

While an appealing market for local and international enterprise companies, Latin America is characterized by a hyper-fragmented payments landscape, in which multiple countries carry their own regulations and currencies.

Facilitating payments in the region, Brazil-based EBANX enables global companies such as Spotify, Uber, and SHEIN to seamlessly reach Latin America’s 15+ countries, all through a localized payment platform. eCommerce in the region has been growing at a notable pace for the last several years.

Rising Up to Meet the Demands of A Highgrowth Payment Solution.

Along with Latin America’s digitalization, EBANX, a top online payment platform in the region, was also growing rapidly, with its merchants adding more and more customers. Yet while EBANX’s robust customer base was expanding, their customer success and support team wasn’t growing at the same pace required to meet that growth. As for customer support tickets for all merchants, volume stood at approximately 55,000 tickets per month, across three channels: chat, email and voice-based messages.

The EBANX team was unable to keep up with a surge in demand, falling behind on its response times, and queues in the company’s customer support chat room were higher than usual. Sessions were often abandoned by customers, due to a lack of agent time and resources (that is, users would end the session prematurely, as agents were unable to respond in a timely manner).

How could EBANX ensure equal growth and scalability of their support team, in order to best serve their users, and this burgeoning market?

Buddy: A Unified Approach for This Unified Payments Platform.

When it comes to providing excellent customer experience in the fast-paced world of eCommerce today, EBANX, a unique payment platform that unifies multiple payment methods across Latin America, needed an equally unified and cohesive solution to support the intense growth of Latin America’s e-commerce and its own operations.

Introducing: Buddy, the Netomi AI-powered chatbot. Since its launch in August 2021 (Buddy was first launched in Brazil, then expanded to eight other Latin American countries), Buddy has been able to resolve 40,000 tickets per month. After going live in Latin America (LATAM), Buddy exceeded expectations, achieving a 94% deflection mark. Ebanx has since seen in-creased agent efficiency, reductions in support time and faster resolution to customer queries.

Jefferson Paniago

Experience Product Manager

Here at EBANX, we are highly committed to delivering the best experience possible in the purchase journey, end-to-end. Within the Customer Service structure, we created
self-service solutions that helped scale things, delivering a 3-times faster service to our customers, adding more autonomy to their journey without compromising their experience. AI is the main ally in building these products and at many important
moments in our product journey

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