Learn how to leverage machine intelligence to build lasting brand love in the streaming video industry

There are hundreds of streaming video companies competing for customer attention and wallet share. Consumption and subscription data shows signs that customers are approaching a saturation point with streaming video services, with rising churn and plateauing consumption.

To win in this environment, Customer Experience can be a decisive differentiator that builds loyalty, increases sign-ups, and reduces churn. Conversational AI, delivered as a service, can play a crucial part in empowering Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVODs) to up their CX game quickly and effectively – leveraging cutting-edge AI  to deliver a Netflix-grade CX at a fraction of the cost.

In this eBook, we’ll explore:

  • How the COVID surge was followed by SCOD fatigue
  • Why better CX is better for business
  • The Democratization of Netflix-Like Capabilities In Technology 
  • Required capabilities of modern CX automation and conversational AI

Start competing on CX today to capture consumer attention.  Learn more in our eBook today.

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