The state of email customer service for gaming companies in 2021 

In the gaming industry, competition for consumer engagement has never been more fierce. The biggest tech titans are now competing against independent developers. To drive long-term loyalty and capture player engagement, gaming companies need to provide quick, effortless support across channels. 

In our Customer Service Benchmark Report, we wanted to understand how effortlessly the now 2.5 billion gamers can receive support if a question or issue arises on email, the preferred channel for customer support according to many surveys. We were surprised that only 53% of gaming companies worldwide have a readily-accessible email address, and of those, 76% ignore a simple customer service email asking for a game recommendation.

Here are a few highlights of the customer service statistics that all CX leaders in the gaming industry needs to know:

  • Responses are rarely relevant: Of the gaming companies that responded, nearly 33% don’t provide a meaningful response 
  • Gaming companies are slow to respond: The average response time is 39 hours. 
  • Empathy is hard to come by: More than half of gaming companies that respond to customer emails don’t show empathy 
  • Auto-Replies are not a given: Only 13% of companies send an auto-response, acknowledging a person’s email was received 

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