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About Harry Rosen.

As the leading luxury menswear retailer in Canada, you can count on Harry Rosen to keep you looking and feeling sharp. In business for over 65 years, Harry Rosen is proud to be recognized as one of the best menswear brands in North America.

Hanging by a thread.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and changing customer behavior prompted a significant part of Canadian menswear retailer Harry Rosen’s business to shift to the digital realm, and with it came a sharp increase in digital customer service tickets. The customer service department was stretched thin, struggling as they became inundated with tickets. Initially, the company re-allocated in-store associates to help with digital customer care, yet that proved to be both

A Close-knit Relationship Between Agents and AI.

Hailey, the Netomi-powered AI, began by assisting agents with suggested replies and actions. Today, Hailey is an integral part of Harry Rosen’s workforce, interacting directly with customers to resolve tickets on both email and chat for the retailer, as well as its discount, digital-first brand FinalCut. Integration with Harry Rosen’s back-end systems offers effective resolutions to the most repetitive customer queries, such as order status and cancellations, exchanges, and alterations.

Tailor-made to Handle Seasonal Spikes.

Hailey’s power truly shines during busy seasons. By automating repetitive tickets with zero human effort, the retailer didn’t need to add even a single agent to handle the increase in tickets during the 2021 holiday shopping season. Resolution time on tickets was drastically reduced to mere hours, down from several days, as was the case during the 2020 holiday season. from several days, as was the case during the 2020 holiday season.

Ian Rosen

EVP of Digital & Strategy

We didn’t hire any extra agents last holiday season. The AI was that good.

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