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About Lingokids.

Lingokids was born from a mission to produce a handcrafted, immersive, engaging, and fun learning experiences for kids. The team has developed a Playlearning™ app created with original content and content from Oxford University Press.

Their app uses fun and educational activities to encourage children between the ages of 2 and 8 to learn modern academic and modern life skills!

Ticket Volumes Zoomed Almost Overnight.

Something incredible happened to Lingokids, a playlearning app that helps kids learn English through 21st century skill-based games. Almost overnight, the company experienced a 1,000% increase in subscribers. For any business, this growth is unimaginable. As COVID-19 kept people home, hungry for entertainment and assistance with learning for their children, eLearning companies like Lingokids became musthave necessities.

As subscriber numbers soar, so too, do customer service tickets. Lingokids knew that to turn short-term demand into a long-term boon, every experience that new customers had with the company had to be A+. In fact, it’s often the simplest of questions, which if go unresolved or are slow-to-resolve, which are the ones that can lead to immediate churn. Lingokids decided against expanding headcount 10X in favor of adopting Netomi’s AI to scale customer service

A Crash Course on Agent and Customer Happiness.

Prior to the COVID surge and adopting AI, Lingokids’ two full-time agents managed the average 1,000 email tickets per week. The company had an impressive 90% CSAT score. With the sudden spike in tickets, though, resolution time increased and agents became burnt out. Agent stress was only amplified from work-from-home environments and the personal toll of the pandemic.

Lingokids adopted AI to support agents as much as customers. The Netomi AI-powered email bot, Max, removes mundane work like password resets, cancellations, coupons redemption, refunds and log-in assistance. This lets agents focus on higher-level tasks including giving feedback on the product, data analysis and content creation. Agents have higher job satisfaction and lower attrition, while also seeing the door open for career advancement. Agent happiness was also helped by giving weekends back: with a bot working 24/7, agents no longer have to log in on Saturday or Sunday. With AI decreasing resolution time, customers get the information they need quickly so learning is never interrupted.

The Report Card Is In: AI Is Acing It.

Lingokids had very specific needs from the vendor they would eventually choose: English and Spanish support, a highly accurate AI, seamless integration with Zendesk, and full personalization of use cases. Since launching in July 2020, the full automation of tickets has increased month-overmonth, closing in on the 60% full automation goal. Escalation to human agents has decreased consistently month-over-month. Agents are happier and more engaged, and CSAT has remained high.

Jose Maria Fernandez Del Vallado

Director of Customer Experience

We needed a highly customizable AI chatbot that integrates with Zendesk and one that could speak in the native language of our global customer base. We had an incredibly high CSAT score that we were not willing to compromise. With Netomi, we got it all.

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