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Our out-of-the-box Freshworks integrations seamlessly add a virtual agent to your customer service workforce within the Freshworks platform. With the Netomi Virtual Agent for Freshdesk, your customers are not kept waiting for a resolution — whether it’s provided by your human agents or virtual support team.

Leverage live chat AI to respond immediately to everyday tickets, providing customer support with immediate resolutions to over 50% of their needs. Boost agent productivity with AI-recommended responses that your support agents can edit, approve or reject. Either way, we empower you to provide the quick, immediate resolutions that your customers demand today.

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the Netomi Virtual Agent is now a Freshdesk chatbot integration
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Netomi brings companies the value of AI without impacting the customer experience. If you can achieve over 70% automation and increase your knowledge base and CSAT at the same time – that’s a no-brainer. For those who use Freshdesk and understand AI chat, you cannot afford to not consider Netomi.
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– Rajiv Ramanan, Global Head of Marketplace Business and Technology