Shopify Chatbot + Netomi: Build long-term, profitable relationships

Scale online commerce with Shopify, scale excellent customer service with Netomi. Great customer support now drives customer love, loyalty and spend, on par with product quality and price. Scale the effortless, quick and convenient support that customers demand across channels. Ecommerce companies are adopting AI-powered Shopify conversational chatbots powered by Netomi to automatically resolve issues across email, chat, social messaging and voice channels.

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Convert more customers with instantaneous support

If their questions aren’t answered quickly, 57% of shoppers will abandon their cart. Meet your customers where they are with Netomi’s AI chatbot integration with Shopify. Intervene at the exact moment of relevance to answer questions related to sizing, product care, return policies, generating leads and more. Empower your customers with the information they need to close more sales.

Build long-term relationships that last with our Shopify chatbot

Go beyond responding to your customers with generic information. Our Shopify integration enables eCommerce companies to use the rich data available in Shopify to deliver personalized, real-time resolutions to potential customers. Provide real-time order status, automate returns, increase sales, check inventory and give refund status in seconds.

Exceptional Shopify chatbot solutions for customer support, delivered within seconds

Combine the power of Netomi’s AI and Shopify, and you can respond within seconds to your costly, high-volume tickets and increase conversion rates.

Elevate to live agents seamlessly

Easily handoff conversations to live chat within your existing agent desk. This ensures customers always get the best user experience – no matter their issue. With our native agent desk integrations, absolutely nothing changes for your team – except eliminating mundane tasks.

shopify chatbot sample solutions