Sprinklr + Netomi: Modern care for the modern customer

Netomi virtual agent sprinklr integration dashboard

Reduce costs and improve CSAT with Sprinklr integrations powered by AI
Modern customers expect support everywhere – social and messaging channels, email, chat, and voice. With our seamless Sprinklr integrations, you can automatically resolve customer care issues across every digital channel within seconds. By combining the power and reach of the Sprinklr platform with Netomi’s unrivaled AI, you will hear every customer need and resolve tickets with expert precision. Bring together the best of human and machine intelligence and set the new standard for modern customer care.

Take response times to new lows
Let AI work alongside your human agents within the Sprinklr Agent Console. Automatically resolve repeatable, costly tickets with the Netomi support AI. Simultaneously, augment agent work with AI-recommended responses and actions. You’ll see resolution times plummet, reducing agent costs while increasing customer satisfaction. It’s this modern customer care that will turn customer support into a profit center.