A powerful integration

The most advanced Zendesk chatbot and AI platform seamlessly integrate within Zendesk

Our out-of-the-box Zendesk integration makes our powerful customer service AI readily accessible at your fingertips. Netomi works natively within the Zendesk Chat window and agent console. Bring our AI into your workforce quickly and start delighting your customers with faster resolution to their issues, without changing anything for your team.

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Bring together the best of machine and human intelligence

Treat every customer and ticket differently

Always prioritize the customer experience. Route sensitive, critical or high-risk issues to your human agents, and enable the Netomi Virtual Agent can resolve repeatable use cases immediately without any human intervention. This decreases resolution time accross the board, giving your customers the quick, convenient and personal support they expect.

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Launch within Weeks

Exceptional customer care deploys within 1-2 weeks

Identify the right issues to automate from your historical chat and email data. Launch quickly leveraging our pre-trained AI and out-of-the-box skills. There’s no agent re-training or new platforms to learn. There’s zero coding required. Our dedicated customer success team works with you throughout planning, AI training and optimization. Sophisticated technology has never been more simple to use.


zendesk integration for a chatbot powered by Netomi
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Partnering with Netomi, you can have your own bespoke AI, your own way of engaging with AI to give exactly the experience you want to offer. This is their core. This is what they do and they are very good at it.
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– Greg Dreyfus, Platform Architects Team Manager