A powerful Zoho chatbot integration

Introducing: the first truly intelligent Zoho chatbot, email virtual assistant, and AI platform to seamlessly integrate within Zoho Desk

Scale brilliant customer service and watch CSAT soar. Our out-of-the-box integration for Zoho Desk allows customer service teams to seamlessly bring the world’s most intelligent AI customer support platform into their existing agent console. Launch within two weeks and start delighting your customers with faster resolutions, while also boosting team productivity.

Meet Your New Zoho Chatbot



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Resolve repeatable tickets till the cows come home (and forever after)

In Autonomous Mode, our AI accurately resolves tickets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without burdening your human agents with mundane, repeatable tasks. Personalize resolutions by connecting to your back-end systems like CRM, order management and inventory platforms. Your customers will love your company’s responsiveness, and your agents will be freed up to focus on complex issues.

Discover Zoho’s True Potential


An example of how the zoho chatbot works seamlessly on email

Accelerate agent performance with Zoho’s Review Mode

We built our Zoho chatbot to help people. Most bot companies stop at helping your customers, but we take our AI a couple steps further to help your agents. I mean, agents are people too, right? (That’s rhetorical, of course they are!)

When used in Review Mode, the Netomi AI recommends a response for your agents to accept, edit or reject. We pull relevant information from your business systems, saving your agents even more time. By integrating within Zoho Desk, there’s no agent retraining or retooling. Absolutely nothing changes for your agents, except a boost in their productivity.

See It In Action


The Zoho chatbot displays customer service tickets directly within Zoho's chat platform

Continuously improve with real-time customer and agent feedback

Gather in-the-moment feedback from customers on whether or not their issue was resolved. Our AI also learns based on your agents’ actions. The result is a continuously-improving AI that gets better with every interaction.

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