North American airline customers should prepare to wait on hold for 59 minutes on average, according to the 2022 Airline Customer Service Benchmark Report. The report, which analyzes the state of customer service for the top 20 passenger airlines in North America, looks at support on phone, Web chat and social media.

Here are the key highlights of the North American Airline Customer Service Benchmark Report:

  • WestJet provides the best overall customer service, with an SPI of 82.56 (out of 100).
  • Spirit Airlines performs second-best, overall, with an SPI of 79.03, thanks to its rapid call wait times, which averaged 4 minutes and 25 seconds (well below the median wait time of 23 minutes), and friendly and responsive social media touch points.
  • Even in the wake of a labor shortage and a demand for self-help, only nine airlines, or 45%, had a chatbot on their website. WestJet has the best overall chatbot experience of any airline.