Fintechs have deftly unbundled traditional financial services into a growing variety of laser-focused and streamlined mobile-only and digital-first experiences. By focusing on the digital Customer Experience, fintechs have set new standards for ease of use and customer centricity.

Unfortunately, this innovation has not extended to support. While fintechs tend to excel at the core competency of onboarding customers and helping them use the app or service, they often fail to incorporate modern AI-powered support systems into their technology stacks to provide immediate resolutions to customer issues. As fintechs scale, they risk running into support problems.

In this eBook, we’ll explore:

  • Why the “Support Light” is no longer an option for fintechs
  • How customer love for digital channels boosts NPS and cuts costs
  • The conversational AI arms race within financial services
  • Conversational AI for customer support opportunities for fintechs
  • The six pillars of financial digital customer support

It’s time for fintechs to provide a stellar customer experience across the board and prioritize support as much as streamlined services.  Learn more in our eBook today.