The gig economy – a flexible structure of work that carries freedom and flexibility – is flourishing. Yet, how are these companies performing, from a customer service perspective? Netomi’s research team analyzed the top 87 gig economy companies spanning industries, from ride-sharing to food delivery, legal, and health.

Here are the key takeaways from The New 9 to 5: The State of CX in the Gig Economy – Customer Service Benchmark Report.

  • Omnichannel potency is rare – just two out of 87 (under 3%) companies are “omnichannel potent,” with all channels (Twitter, Instagram, email, phone, and app) available for customer service
  • Social media – Instagram especially – is reigning supreme – 70 out of the 87 companies have an Instagram account
  • App support is few and far between – while 59% of the companies surveyed have an app, only 28% of them provide a direct messaging feature for customer support

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