There is a huge shift in traveler expectations for immediate, omnichannel and effortless customer support. By in large, travel and hospitality brands are failing to meet customer expectations and risk losing loyalty and revenue as a result.

In our Customer Service Benchmark Report, we tested 3,000 of the world’s largest travel and hospitality companies on how they provide support on two of the most popular digital platforms: email and Twitter. We found that customers are often ignored, and even if they get a response, it often doesn’t include all relevant information.

Here are a few highlights of the customer service statistics that all CX leaders in the travel and hospitality industry need to know:

Nearly 2 in 5 travel companies don’t offer email support and 55% of companies don’t have a Twitter profile
Nearly 70% of all emails are ignored and 45% of companies do not respond to direct messages on social media
Only 11% of travel and hospitality companies show empathy in email responses and 26% don’t show any empathy on social media support

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