Maranda is a ground-up builder with a passion for setting up the right teams, systems, processes, and overall infrastructure to take both the team and the company to the next level. Maranda has over 20 years of experience both working in and building world-class CX operations and call centers with extensive experience building and scaling teams in leading-edge companies, 3 of which have experienced successful exits and one of which has achieved unicorn status.

Maranda is a huge proponent of baking in efficiency in the customer service processes and building scalable processes that grow with the team. Join Maranda and Aneta from Netomi to learn about how to build a recession-proof CX strategy for 2023.

Authentic conversations covering:

  • How to scale customer service in a rapid growth environment
  • How to reposition customer service as a revenue center in an economic downturn
  • Technology interventions & investments in upskilling that can help businesses not just survive, but thrive through this downturn
  • Metrics to track and optimize as we enter a recessionary environment