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About Simplex.

Simplex by Nuvei has been changing the status quo of crypto purchases since 2014. Headquartered in Canada, Simplex by Nuvei provides a complete fiat infrastructure for the complex cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Approaching Unpredictable Spikes in Demand in the Ever-evolving World of Crypto.

For the Simplex team, having immediate interactions with customers as they are using the company’s services is essential. Cryptocurrency is a delicate industry – finances are involved, the stakes are high, and many times, customers are in a territory unfamiliar to them – a “new frontier.” Simplex understood the need to prioritize the customer experience and assist customers easily, immediately, and in a personal way.

While chat and email ticket volumes average 55k tickets per month, depending on the current market and demand for cryptocurrency, daily ticket volumes vary significantly. Sometimes it’s 500, while on other days it could be 8,000.

The unpredictability and 24/7 nature of the industry required a support strategy that was consistent, regardless of ticket volume. To scale without growing headcount, Simplex looked to bring AI into their workforce.

After an exhaustive search, Simplex partnered with Netomi due to its superior NLU, omnichannel capabilities, and native integration with Zendesk.

Introducing Sarah, an AI-powered Virtual Assistant.

Simplex by Nuvei saw results immediately after the launch of Sarah, their virtual assistant. By automatically resolving queries like email and identity verification, generic cryptocurrency purchasing issues, checking payment status, and basic technical troubleshooting, response times decreased from two minutes to a mere 10 seconds.

Sarah was resolving around 22% of in-scope tickets after initial processes were put in place. However, 6 months later, the overall deflection rate doubled to 45% (and is improving weekly).

Sarah works alongside Simplex’s support team, ensuring a seamless handover to a live agent if unable to resolve an issue.

“In our responses, everything is simplified as much as possible, because we may have some youngsters and we may have some elderly customers who are not as tech-savvy,” said Greta Zubrutė – Barčienė, Simplex by Nuvei’s Head of Customer Support. “If there is something more complicated, we make the switch to the live agent to hold hands with that customer and drive that solution further.”

Greta Zubrutė – Barčienė

Head of Customer Support

“We wanted a solution that helps to take some of the heavy lifting from our support agents during our busiest times. [Our AI-powered virtual agent] Sarah does that, and more. Her accuracy has been incredible, and we are looking forward to working with the Netomi team to expand her capabilities even further, to make the most impact for our customers.

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