The customer service statistics you need to know for 2021.

More than ever before, customer service is a crucial ingredient for building a thriving business.  In an era when switching from one seller to another take seconds on apps or the internet, customer service increasingly serves as a core function responsible for driving profitability and building long term loyalty.    

We sought out to understand the customer service trends of today. We asked 700+ U.S. consumers what think about customer service; they told us what they expect from the companies they do business with and gave us useful clues on how smart companies can turn customer service into a competitive edge. 

Here are a few highlights of the customer service statistics that all CX leaders needs to know:

  • Don’t keep customers waiting: We found that nearly half (44%) of people said waiting for a response is a major source of frustration with customer service today
  • Expectations are not being met: More than 50% of U.S. consumers have not seen any improvement in customer service over the last 12 months
  • Failing to deliver on customer service directly affects the bottom line: In the last year, 78% of U.S. consumers have stopped doing business with at least 1 company or scrapped a planned purchase based on poor customer service

With the rise of the always-on economy, a new standard of customer service has emerged. It focuses on saving your customers time and letting them get back to whatever it is they were doing before they reached out. The stakes have never been higher – friendly, on-demand and immediate customer service has a direct impact on the profitability of a business and swiftly change a person’s willingness to purchase and engage with a brand. 

Understanding the customer service trends in 2021 is the first step to transforming your customer experience. Download your copy of The Netomi Pulse Report: State of Customer Service in 2021 today! 

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