Customer service is now a business driver that has a direct impact on customer buying decisions. Today, customers expect more: convenience, effortless resolution across an increasing number of channels, and personalization. To capture customer loyalty and business, companies are turning to AI to elevate the customer service experience across every channel.

In this webinar, you’ll hear Greg Dreyfus, Platform Architects Manager at Zendesk  and Shailendra Gupta, VP, Customer & Partner Strategy at Netomi discuss these important topics:

  • Which channels are the most effective in customer service

  • How to best deploy an AI solution in customer service

  • The impact AI can have on a company’s operation

  • How AI can improve the customer experience

  • How modern conversational AI solutions differentiate from first-generation chatbots

Case studies on companies that have had success in implementing AI are showcased, along with some valuable metrics on how AI is helping to decrease wait time and boost customer experience.

View a recording of The Future of AI in Customer Service today.

the future of ai in customer service webinar
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