AI deployment could end up being ‘the industrial revolution moment for tech’: Netomi CEO

Written by Aneta Ranstoller on Apr 5, 2023

Generative AI and the hype of ChatGPT changed the tech industry overnight raising concerns over the role of social responsibility in AI. We need to welcome AI into the workforce in a brand-safe way where enterprises, employees, and consumers feel safe using it. At Netomi, we invented Sanctioned AI to do exactly that – a powerful combination of generative tech and LLMs that allow brands to respond to more customer queries, while preserving brand safety and customer experience.

For more on this topic, our Founder/CEO Puneet Mehta and WndrCO Co-Founder and Netomi Investor Jeffrey Katzenberg spoke with Yahoo Finance‘s Allie Garfinkle at Shoptalk on how Generative Sanctioned AI will impact the workforce, enterprises, and the customer experience in a fail safe environment. Brands who not embrace it will face an existential threat as ‘AI is going to be the new customer interface’.

Check out the full conversation below.