Email is and will continue to be the most widely used and preferred customer support channel. The reason for this is simple. Email is convenient and fast. There are no hold times. It mirrors existing user behaviors. Nearly everyone who uses technology, from boomers to Gen Z, is comfortable sending customer support email.

Companies, however, are not meeting customer expectations on email. Over 60% of companies do not reply to customer emails, and the companies that do, are not doing it fast enough, according to a 2019 Superoffice Customer Service Report. The average response time to customer service requests is 12 hours and 10 minutes. This runs counter to increasing customer expectations from support teams across the board.

The biggest opportunity for rapid and radical customer support improvement is adding artificial intelligence (AI) to your email response systems, such as an email bot. Despite the commonality and universality of email, to date, most progress in applying AI to customer support processes has focused on web/mobile chatbots, virtual assistants and decision support systems for live agents. However, a growing number of savvy support organizations are realizing that AI can have the biggest impact in the email channel.

Recent technology improvements have made it possible for AI systems to comprehend the complex intent and nuanced meaning of email exchanges. With this new advancement, AI can directly respond to multiple support emails or assist human agents.

In this eBook, you’ll learn

  • Why email is so critical as a support channel
  • How artificial intelligence can work to dramatically improve the email support quality and velocity
  • How you can get your company started down the path of leveraging powerful modern AI to turbocharge your email support capabilities and drive meaningful improvements in support metrics