Netomi’s Framework Is In the Center of Forrester’s Take the “Crisis Approach” For Successful Chatbot Deployment Report.

Written by Aneta Ranstoller on Apr 25, 2023

“It is in times of crisis that good leaders emerge.”

The world has had its share of crises in the last few years from a health pandemic, political tensions, climate change, humanitarian risks, economic downturns, to technological disruptions and demands. As with any crisis, those who embrace it as an opportunity emerge as leaders. In tech, the rise of Generative AI and launch of ChatGPT disrupted the industry overnight, accelerating digital transformation investments and the adoption of Conversational AI. In the need for speed, quality is often scarified resulting in mistakes, failures, and learnings.

To adopt best practices and mitigate the risks of costly failures, we’ve been featured in Forrester’s Take the “Crisis Approach” For Successful Chatbot Deployment report. Check out this newly published report here

This report focuses on how the pandemic crisis accelerated the adoption of Conversational AI and how the crisis-mindset delivers value showcasing learnings of successes and failures for chatbot deployments. In this report, Netomi Founder and CEO, Puneet Mehta, inspires the Venn-diagram – a crisis-inspired framework for approaching chatbot deployment focused on three components to prioritize chatbot use cases.

The key to successful chatbot deployment is moving away from a  1st generation rule-based information algorithm into advanced performance models based on intent recognition, NLU accuracy, predictive and semantic capabilities, along with adopting Conversational Design best practices for your chatbot brand and personality. A conversational AI solution must be adopted as part of the whole ecosystem. It not only serves as a conversational inquiry tool for customer interactions, but advanced Conversational AI solutions also serve the contact center as a co-pilot (a real-time agent to assist) and resolve (not contain) customer interactions to protect brand safety, business policy enforcement, escalation, and auditability.

As the tech disruption continues to unfold, the opportunities today are limitless. We, at Netomi, couldn’t agree more. For technology to succeed, it must alleaviate fears with fail-safe mechanisms that make society’s lives easier by giving us time back for the more important things. 

“We could look back at this moment, and it might end up being the industrial revolution moment for tech. There, you know, AI ended up getting us to a place where there were new types of jobs created, there were new types of skill sets. The impact it is going to have on education, on health care. We are most excited about how the enterprise is going to adopt it and really build that customer connection that customers love,” shares Puneet Mehta in a recent conversation with Yahoo Finance.