The Always-on Shopping Assistant.

Our platform is already trained on key eCommerce intents to deliver quick time to value.

  • Awareness

    Return policies

    Product policies

    Offer details

  • Consideration

    Warranty details

    Sizing availability

    Personalized recommendations

  • Purchase

    Card issues

    Cross-sell opportunities

    Order modifications

    Shipping details

  • Service

    Returns and refunds

    Damaged products


    Order status

  • Loyalty

    Proactive care

    Tier-based messaging

    Rewards and discounts

Engage in the Moments That Matter the Most, to You and Your Consumers.

Revenue Moments

Drive consumers effortlessly from selection to cart with proactive recommendations on products to decrease cart abandonment and increase revenue.

Service Resolution Moments

Create an effortless experience that can turn returns into hyper-loyal.

Brand Experience Moments

Offer personalized and immediate service and delivery, from account updates, ordering status and tracking.

Loyalty Moments

Convert and capture new 
leads by incentivizing 
referrals and promotions.

Our Customers Scale Their eCommerce CX with AI.

Reuben Magbanua

Director of Customer Care

Netomi stood out because of its people, and ability to support both chat and email. We had a huge backlog of thousands of tickets. Now, with Netomi, we have less than 50.

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Best in CX Results.

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    AI accuracy