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AI Customer Service Solutions for Retail: Chat, Email, Social, and Voice AI

Retail and the Relationship Economy

Customer support now directly impacts loyalty and dictates where people spend their money. CX is now just as important as brand name, price, and quality. Retail chatbots provide a smart way to scale exceptional customer experiences. Retailers can leverage a chatbot to grow far quicker with loyal customers than companies that constantly rely on a semi-satisfied customer base.

Customers demand quick, personal and convenient support, 24/7, on their channel of choice. To build brand love and retain customers through customer support, retailers need to bring ArtificiaI Intelligence into the workforce to resolve issues within seconds.

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AI in the Retail Workforce

  • Bring AI chatbots into the customer service workforce to uplift human agents, transform your customer support and retain happy customers while driving higher lifetime value.

  • Delegate everyday, repeatable queries like order status and account information to an AI-powered chatbot.

  • Escalate complex needs to human agents. Give time back to your customers and agents. Be the hero with AI.

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Digital innovation has been at the center of our strategy to democratize the runway. The TMY.GRL bot on Messenger introduces a new level of accessibility, engagement and personalization for our global audience.
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– Tommy Hilfiger Fashion designer & founder of Tommy Hilfiger
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Global retail spend on AI will top $7.3 billion per year by 2022
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– Juniper Research

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