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AI Customer Service Solutions for Travel: Chat, Email, Social, and Voice AI

AI powers five-star reviews

Customer service is a core driver for customer satisfaction in travel and tourism. It is now directly tied to loyalty and future spend. Your guests now expect more: quick, convenient and personal resolutions for issues ranging from how to travel with a dog to how to fly with a wedding dress. To compete through customer support, travel companies need to bring AI customer service solutions into the workforce to resolve issues immediately, across every channel.

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We’re automating resolutions to the mundane tasks that led to a significant volume of calls to our social care team and call centers. We’ve seen an immediate, measurable impact across the key measures that are critical to our business, including an over 500% increase in engagement and deflecting over 50% of the work that used to be managed by our social care team.
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– Alfred Tan Chief Digital Officer of Westjet
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80% of organizations expect to compete mainly based on CX
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– Gartner

AI boosts travel CSAT

Bringing AI into your customer service workforce gives time back to your customers and agents. Get back to your customers immediately on more than 50% of incoming tickets on email, chat, social and voice.

Empower your human agents to exclusively focus on more complex customer needs. You’ll boost CSAT, decrease resolution time and boost your agent productivity.

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AI Customer Service Solutions Recognized By Global Research Firms

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